365 Days of Prayer Prompts – Free Printable Included

365 prayer prompts - (1) bible and journal

Are you sometimes at a loss at what to pray for? Praying for the same things each day is not a bad thing to do – it shows perseverance and faithfulness in prayer! 

But praying for new things can help you cover a variety of topics you haven’t covered before, or in a long time. These 365 days of prayer prompts give you a new subject to pray for each day, in addition to the other prayers you include everyday.

Praying through a list of prayer requests about various topics can be a great way to take the focus off of the current struggles in your own life, and remind you to be praying for others.

It can also help you recognize the power of prayer as you see God answer prayer in so many different ways in your life and the lives of others.

Whether you are a new Christian or consider yourself one of the prayer warriors faithful in prayer, you can benefit from these fresh ideas on what to pray for.

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365 Days of Prayer Prompts

365 prayer prompts - (2) Bible and laptop

These prayer prompts came out of our series of monthly prayers with prayer requests. You’ll find a link to it at the end of this post, as well as a link to a printable list of all 365 days of Prayer Prompts (actually, 366 days in a leap year!) 

You can find these prayer prompts helpful in many settings. Consider using them in:

  • Your own prayer time. These prayer prompts can be used during your time of prayer, whether you use them during your spoken or silent prayers, or as prayer journal prompts in a prayer notebook or daily prayer journal.
  • A small group or Bible study. It’s wonderful to pray for the needs of the group. But these prayer prompts can be great reminders to look beyond our own daily needs. It could even be used in Christian schools during prayer time or in other daily or frequent gatherings.
  • Family prayer time. If you have daily or weekly devotional or prayer time with family members, this is a great resource for you. It’s also a good habit if you are engaged, to be praying with your future spouse. Additionally, family members who live far away can use this list together via text or just agreeing to use it on their own.

If you are concerned that praying through a list is praying the “wrong way” and is not being led by the Holy Spirit, please put your mind at ease. This list is not preventing you from being led by the Holy Spirit in prayer. Rather, it is a tool to add variety to what you are praying for.

There are examples throughout the Bible on how to pray, including the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. As long as you are praying sincerely from the heart, believing in our Heavenly Father, you are on the right track.

Prayer is a conversation with God. With your prayer requests, you can include praising God, confessing your sins to Him, a prayer of thanks for what He has done, and asking Him to take care of your needs. As you pray and spend time in God’s Word, you can draw closer to God!

Feel free to put these prayer prompts in your own words and add more detail to them as you pray through them. They make great morning prayer prompts or a good option for prayer requests at the end of the day.

31 Prayer Prompts for January

365 prayer prompts - (3) january
  1. For joy in the New Year
  2. For people with birthdays in January
  3. For perseverance in God-honoring goals
  4. For marriages to be strengthened
  5. For good financial habits in the new year
  6. For strength to make healthy choices
  7. For genuine connections with other people
  8. For family members to show kindness to one another
  9. For God to remind you of your calling
  10. For God to grow your patience with others
  11. For strength to persevere in good deeds and choices
  12. To trust God and remember that He is in control
  13. For God’s grace and mercy during trials
  14. For compassion for those you don’t agree with
  15. For the prodigal believer to return to the Lord
  16. For positive experiences for those who have had trouble trusting people
  17. For people who don’t know where to start to get the help they need
  18. For strength for family members who serve as caregivers
  19. For those who are in pain but don’t have a diagnosis
  20. For people who don’t have family nearby, that they will have a sense of family with friends and church family
  21. For teachers to have many people praying for them
  22. For friends to encourage one another
  23. For willingness to surrender a situation to God where you think you can’t forgive someone
  24. For discernment about people who will lead you away from God
  25. For young people to be protected from those who would mislead them
  26. For Christian ministries who help children
  27. For Christians to be praying beyond their own borders
  28. For churches to pray about new ministries God has called them to
  29. For ministries that spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, especially to unreached people groups
  30. For missionaries who are missing friends and family
  31. For Christians to be encouraged in prayer

29 Prayer Prompts for February

365 prayer prompts - (4) february
  1. For people with birthdays in February
  2. For safety in winter weather in areas where this is a concern
  3. To let go of areas in our lives where we have been unnecessarily stubborn
  4. For job pressures and difficulties
  5. For God’s provision to be obvious to you
  6. To be thankful for the health you have
  7. To have friendships where you can be yourself
  8. For family members to be thoughtful of each other
  9. For God to help you identify sin in your life
  10. To grow in unity with other Christians
  11. For peace and patience during conflict with others
  12. For manipulative people to be thwarted in their misguided plans
  13. For peace during trials
  14. Thankfulness for loving friends and/or family
  15. For Christian young adults to transition their faith into a mature faith
  16. For compassionate people to avoid or recover from compassion burnout
  17. For those who are food insecure
  18. For families who need to find caregivers, that they will find the right person
  19. For those who suffer from migraines
  20. To feel peace and belonging in Christ
  21. For teachers to know the Lord personally
  22. For friends to be honest with one another
  23. For God’s mercy on us to be reflected in our own lives
  24. For freedom from relationships that are not in God’s plan for you
  25. For students who need extra help, that they will be able to receive help
  26. For Bible studies to be faithful to God’s Word
  27. For Bibles to be available to Christians everywhere, even where it is dangerous to own one
  28. For churches to be led by pastors and people of integrity
  29. For evangelism events, that the Lord would give planners wisdom and resources to do what He has called them to do

31 Prayer Prompts for March

365 prayer prompts - (5) march
  1. For people with birthdays in March
  2. For people wrestling with a big decision
  3. To serve God faithfully with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength
  4. For parents to encourage their children in the Lord
  5. For jobseekers, that they would see the Lord working in their lives
  6. For those struggling with health issues, that they would be able to get a diagnosis
  7. To see Jesus as your Savior and friend
  8. For family to be a safe place for everyone
  9. For God to show you where you need to change
  10. To grow in your empathy for others
  11. For strength during health issues
  12. For students to recall what they have studied during tests
  13. For encouragement during trials
  14. For compassion and understanding for people who annoy you
  15. For the person who followed Jesus as a child but wandered away as an adult
  16. For upcoming Easter activities
  17. For those who don’t have a place to live, that they will see God’s provision
  18. For people who always think of others, that they will see some of the same thoughtfulness today
  19. For those who have a cancer diagnosis
  20. For people who feel different, that they will find community
  21. For teachers to be able to help students who need extra assistance
  22. For friends to offer gentle correction when they see other friends making bad decisions
  23. For those who have a hard time trusting others
  24. For freedom from grudges and bitterness
  25. For young people who have run away from home
  26. For churches to be wise with their resources
  27. For Christians who need Bibles and study materials but don’t have access to them
  28. For churches to serve where God has called them
  29. For Christian organizations that serve in disaster response
  30. For missionaries who are having difficulty adjusting to a new culture
  31. To be a light for Jesus wherever you are

30 Prayer Prompts for April

365 prayer prompts - (6) april
  1. For a happy birthday for those with birthdays in April
  2. For safety in all weather conditions
  3. To have quiet time with Jesus often
  4. For resources and support for single parents
  5. For the financial needs of the elderly
  6. For strength to change to healthier habits
  7. To be willing to take the first step in a friendship
  8. To be a blessing to other people in your family
  9. For God to help you walk away from sin
  10. To grow in your love for the Lord
  11. To have strength when you are tired
  12. For clarity of mind, even during stressful times
  13. To be able to see what good has come out of your trials
  14. For compassion and understanding for people you don’t get along with
  15. For family members who don’t know Christ yet
  16. For those who are healing from traumatic experiences
  17. For those who need help, that they could find supportive people in their community
  18. For the generations of a family to love and respect one another
  19. For those who suffer from chronic fatigue
  20. For those who don’t have access to health care
  21. Thankfulness for the teachers who have made a difference in your life
  22. Gratitude for friends who have helped your walk with God
  23. To see God’s mercy and forgiveness in your life
  24. For freedom from destructive habits
  25. For peace of mind in difficult circumstances
  26. For perseverance in prayer
  27. For unity and connection of Christians all around the world
  28. For churches to be faithful in preaching the Word of God
  29. For ministries that serve the homeless
  30. For missionaries who need strength and courage today

31 Prayer Prompts for May

365 prayer prompts - (7) May
  1. For people with birthdays in May
  2. For graduates as they plan their next step
  3. For guidance as students plan for the summer
  4. For husbands and wives to honor their commitment to marriage
  5. For financial struggles, both short term and long term
  6. For strength for people who chronically struggle with ill health
  7. For peace in your friendships
  8. For God’s grace for you as a family
  9. For surrender in areas of your life you have previously told God “off limits”
  10. To grow in your commitment to Christ Jesus
  11. To be strong in the Lord and His Word
  12. Thankfulness for your mom and mother-type figures in your life
  13. For people who struggle with dementia
  14. For compassion for other people, even when you don’t know their struggles
  15. For family members who have walked away from Christ
  16. For those who need strength to face their fears
  17. For people who have not been treated fairly, that they would see justice
  18. For people who don’t feel seen, that they would know that God sees them
  19. For those who are depressed
  20. For those who carry heavy burdens, that they would leave them with God
  21. For school administrators as they make plans for the next school year
  22. Thankfulness for those who have served our country
  23. For those recovering from surgery or an injury
  24. For freedom from regrets
  25. For those who aren’t in a safe place, that God would deliver them
  26. For a richer prayer life
  27. For ministries that bring humanitarian aid to other countries
  28. To be willing to serve at church in needed ways
  29. For ministries that are creatively bringing the Word of God to others
  30. For missionaries who need refreshment and renewal today
  31. For mentoring and discipleship of new believers

30 Prayer Prompts for June

365 prayer prompts - (8) June
  1. For people with birthdays in June
  2. For Vacation Bible Schools this summer
  3. For family gatherings this summer
  4. For parents finding childcare options for the summer
  5. For people who want to change their spending habits
  6. For those who have to travel for healthcare
  7. For people new to the area to find a friend
  8. To be a loving family
  9. To surrender your own will for God’s will
  10. To grow in your generosity 
  11. To have strength against temptation
  12. To guard your mind by being wise about what media you consume
  13. For support for people who are experiencing trials
  14. For compassion for those with mental health issues
  15. For your history or attitude not to be a hindrance in someone returning to the Lord
  16. Thankfulness for your dad and father-type figures in your life
  17. For those who do not have family support, that God would raise up people for them that are like family
  18. For care and compassion for the elderly
  19. For those who have back pain
  20. For those who have been rejected by other Christians, that they will find a loving Christian community
  21. For students who do not have access to as much food during the summer
  22. For friends to walk together in the Lord
  23. To trust God with your deepest hurts
  24. For freedom from fear
  25. For ministries that help the homeless, that they will have plenty of resources
  26. For Bible study groups to be a great place of learning and friendship
  27. For Christians to have a heart for global missions
  28. For pastors and church leaders to walk with integrity
  29. For ministries that help refugees
  30. For missionaries who need to change course, that God would give them guidance

31 Prayer Prompts for July

365 prayer prompts - (9) July
  1. For people with birthdays in July
  2. For safety in summer activities
  3. For journey’s mercies during travels
  4. Thankfulness for freedom in Christ
  5. To be a cheerful giver
  6. Perseverance through a health crisis
  7. To have a close church family
  8. For financial provision for your family
  9. To put off your old self and put on your new self (Ephesians 4:22-24)
  10. To grow in compassion for others
  11. To use Scripture to reject thoughts that aren’t true
  12. To change worry into opportunities to pray
  13. To be a good friend to those going through difficult times
  14. To be patient with others who continue to make the same mistakes
  15. To be faithful in praying for those who have walked away from God
  16. For the Lord to heal your heart from past painful experiences
  17. For faith to grow instead of fear
  18. For people who need strength for what lies ahead today
  19. For mentors to be available to guide younger Christians
  20. For parents who will have an empty nest this fall
  21. For students who will be starting a new school this year
  22. For friendships to be healthy and not harmful
  23. To have freedom from bitterness
  24. To work to please God and not exclusively other people 
  25. For women’s shelters
  26. For Christian speakers to share God’s Word faithfully and powerfully
  27. For perseverance in difficult circumstances
  28. For youth groups to be a safe place where teens grow in the Lord
  29. For ministries that work in evangelism
  30. For new missionaries who are raising support
  31. To be willing to share your faith with others, even when it’s hard

31 Prayer Prompts for August

365 prayer prompts - (10) August
  1. For people with birthdays in August
  2. For those starting school this month
  3. For college freshman adjusting to living away from home
  4. For faithful friends
  5. To be generous with wisdom
  6. Strength to follow through on medical issues
  7. Thankfulness for friendships
  8. For your family to grown in Christ
  9. To use your God-given talents for Christ’s glory
  10. To walk close to God every day
  11. To have strength during long-term trials
  12. To encourage others by reminding them of truth
  13. To be willing to help people you are able to help
  14. To be a blessing to others who are going through hard times
  15. To be a loving witness to those who don’t know Christ or have walked away from Him
  16. To find support from others after going through painful events
  17. For parents to cherish their children and raise them in Christ
  18. To do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Matthew 7:12)
  19. For siblings to get along and encourage each other
  20. For older people who are lonely
  21. For first-year teachers
  22. To be faithful in praying for your friends
  23. To rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep
  24. For freedom from coping mechanisms that have turned into bad habits
  25. To be encouraged in Christ today
  26. For Christians who have had to flee their home country because of persecution
  27. For God’s mercy to shine through in your life
  28. For children’s ministries to be a safe and fun place
  29. For ministries who help widows and orphans
  30. For church planters, that God will provide people to come alongside them
  31. To be bold in your faith

30 Prayer Prompts for September

365 prayer prompts - (11) September
  1. For people with birthdays in September
  2. For peace in the Lord each day
  3. For adjusting to new schedules
  4. To be a good witness, no matter what your role is
  5. To honor God with your finances
  6. To be healed of sickness
  7. That every student would have a good friend at school
  8. For your family to be a witness of God’s goodness
  9. To set your goals with God’s priorities and not your own
  10. For God to grow your knowledge of His mercy and grace
  11. To be strong in the Lord, even when you feel weak
  12. For young people to have a firm basis of truth in God’s Word
  13. To be obedient to God, even during difficult times
  14. To have a heart of compassion that reflects Jesus’ compassion for us
  15. To see victory soon in the prodigal believer returning to the Lord
  16. For those who are hurting, to find strength from God each day
  17. For those who will have a hard time paying bills this month
  18. To reflect God’s care for you in your care for others
  19. For those who feel bad every day, that God would give them strength each day
  20. For younger people who need guidance at a crucial time in their lives
  21. For adjusting to the new school year
  22. To be a good friend, even in hard times
  23. For people who need to be courageous today
  24. For freedom from the sin that so easily entangles (Hebrews 12:1)
  25. Protection from scams, especially those that target older people
  26. For prayer ministries
  27. For Bible translation for those who don’t have a Bible in their language
  28. For volunteers who work with children or teens, that they would have strength, integrity, and a great love for Christ
  29. For food bank ministries
  30. For church planters, that they will have the support they need from existing ministries and churches

31 Prayer Prompts for October

365 prayer prompts - (12) October
  1. For people with birthdays in October
  2. Fall activities at schools, like Homecoming
  3. Halloween or Harvest Festival activities
  4. School commitments
  5. Financial concerns
  6. Good health, especially for the vulnerable 
  7. People who need to find a community of friends
  8. God’s will for you and your family
  9. Following God’s calling for your life
  10. Spiritual growth of your worship of God
  11. Strength through short-term and long-term trials
  12. Mental clarity and a mind focused on what is true (Philippians 4:8-9)
  13. Perseverance through challenging times
  14. Compassion and understanding for generations older and younger than you
  15. Christians who need to return to their walk with the Lord
  16. Those who are grieving
  17. People who feel misunderstood
  18. Caregivers, including family, friends, and paid caregivers
  19. Those who deal with anxiety everyday
  20. People who feel left out
  21. Teachers to connect with their students in a meaningful way
  22. Friendships to be reconciled where possible and beneficial
  23. Those dealing with bitterness or deep hurts
  24. Freedom from addiction
  25. Daily bread for widows and orphans (Psalm 68:5)
  26. Christians who deal with persecution for their faith
  27. Leaders of nations to honor the Lord
  28. Church outreach programs
  29. Ministry organizations to be focused on fulfilling their God-given mission
  30. Missionary workers to have the financial support they need
  31. People you know who don’t know Christ yet

30 Prayer Prompts for November

365 prayer prompts - (13) November
  1. For people with birthdays in November
  2. For safety for those who feel vulnerable
  3. For commitments at church, that God would give you guidance and wisdom
  4. To be faithful in giving
  5. For those who struggle with regular sleep patterns
  6. For Thanksgiving plans for those who don’t have any
  7. For healing of difficult family relationships
  8. For God to show you areas where you need to trust Him
  9. Pray for brave men and women who have honorably served their country
  10. For physical strength and good health for difficult days
  11. To reject thoughts that are untrue
  12. For support from others during difficult times
  13. For compassion for others whose experiences you don’t understand
  14. For Christians who don’t think God can forgive them, that they would see that He will forgive them
  15. For those who need to find help from a counselor, that they would find a helpful Christian counselor
  16. For those who don’t know who to reach out to, that they would find a compassionate person who can help
  17. For medical professionals
  18. For those who deal with chronic pain
  19. For those who want to find a friend
  20. For teachers to be resourced so they can equip students with the skills they need
  21. For friendships to be helpful and not harmful
  22. For freedom from habits that harm us
  23. To be grateful for our loved ones
  24. For provision for those who don’t have a roof over their head tonight
  25. For Christian people who don’t have access to a church or other believers, that God would provide fellowship for them
  26. For the Gospel to reach the leaders of nations
  27. For churches as they plan their Christmas outreaches
  28. For food banks, that they would have many donations and volunteers 
  29. For wisdom for missionaries on how to share God’s hope where they are
  30. For people who have turned away from God, that He would soften their hearts

31 Prayer Prompts for December

365 prayer prompts - (14) December
  1. For the advent season to be a meaningful time of reflection and thankfulness
  2. For people with birthdays in December
  3. For family and friend relationships during the Christmas season
  4. For financial concerns throughout the holidays
  5. For the Lord to guide you during an extra busy season
  6. For God’s provision for each day
  7. For those who have recently received a diagnosis
  8. For family members to encourage each other
  9. For God to help you set aside things that hold you back from Him
  10. For God to grow your love for the Bible
  11. For strength for long and challenging days
  12. To set aside bitterness and unforgiveness
  13. For compassion for others who are going through difficult times
  14. For wisdom on who you can help this Christmas season
  15. For who to invite to a church Christmas service
  16. For those who are having a difficult Christmas season because of grief
  17. For those who would like to mend fences with family or friends, but don’t know how
  18. For those who are working extra during the holidays, or on Christmas
  19. For those having medical issues during the holidays
  20. For those who are facing unexpected challenges at Christmas
  21. For our expectations of the holidays, that we would keep them God-honoring
  22. For provision for those who are looking for a job
  23. For teachers to be refreshed during the Christmas break
  24. For Christmas Eve to reflect our love and thankfulness for Jesus Christ
  25. Thanksgiving and Joy for the birth of our Savior!
  26. For year-end donations to help Christian ministries
  27. For our hearts to be open to help and pray outside of where we live
  28. For churches as they prepare for the new year
  29. For traveling mercies this holiday season
  30. For those who are seeking the Lord
  31. For our New Year’s resolutions to honor the Lord

Printable 365 Days of Prayer Prompts

365 prayer prompts printable hope filled faith preview

If you think this would be a helpful resource for you, you can download the list here.

This list was based on the monthly prayer series. Each month includes a free printable prayer planner, or you can download the whole year’s worth in one file for an affordable price. Check it out here.

We also have another resource available on YouTube, a video with 365 prayer requests that display on a colorful background. Click on the thumbnail below to watch the video on YouTube.

Thumbnail for Prayer Requests fr Each day of the Year - Watch Now

Prayer is so important, and it is one of our goals here at Hope Filled Faith to encourage you in prayer. These resources are here to help! We hope that this will show you new ways to add variety to your prayer life.

We pray that God would use these resources to bless you and to help you experience spiritual growth in your prayer life. Whether you use this in your own prayer journaling or gratitude journal, during a prayer walk, with a small group or Bible study, or in prayer with your family, we hope that it helps you.

There are other wonderful ways to add variety to prayer time. Consider praying through Bible verses in the Praise, Confession, Thankfulness, and Intercession model from Moms in Prayer.

May God bless you as you grow closer in your personal relationship to Him, and experience God’s love!

If you liked reading 365 – actually, 366 Prayer Prompts – you may also like Prayers for My Niece, Prayers for Feeling Overwhelmed, and 100 Things to Pray For.

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