9 Prayer List Ideas: Why and How to Have a Prayer List

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Stories about people’s faithful time in prayer can be inspiring! There are people with lists of prayer requests with a date recorded, sometimes years later, when God answered that prayer. 

The prayers were not answered because of the prayer list; the list was a tool in their hands to spend time in prayer with God. Even if you are not a list maker, a prayer list in some form can transform your prayer life.

Why have a prayer request list?

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Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words when you go to pray? Do you wonder where to start? It isn’t uncommon for new and even experienced believers to get stuck at the beginning of a prayer, especially if you are afraid of praying “wrong.” 

The good news is, God just wants you to talk to Him in prayer. He even gave an example prayer in Matthew 6:9-13, often referred to as the Lord’s Prayer, so that we wouldn’t just pray a fancy prayer in front of other people. 

A prayer list can provide a structure that some people find helpful in remembering to pray for other people to also be praying for important things that aren’t urgent. 

What do you put on a prayer list?

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If you’ve never made a prayer list before or are looking for new ideas, these options can help you build your list.

Other’s Prayer Requests

This might be what comes to mind when you think of making a prayer list. People may ask you to pray for them, for an event coming up, or a friend who needs help. If you don’t record the request in some way, your intention to pray might not result in any prayers. Making a reminder to pray with a prayer list can help you follow through on your good intentions. It can also be good to pray with the person at the time they ask you to pray.

Your own Prayer Requests

If a concern or worry crosses your mind, praying a short prayer right away is great! But you may want to spend additional time in prayer. Adding these requests, as well as insights or needs that may arise during your quiet time, is a wonderful addition to your prayer list.

Prayer Models like ACTS

If you like praying with a structure like ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication), then a good option for you could be to organize your prayer list under these headings. 

While most of the prayer requests might go under supplication, you can also add a request related to each section. For Adoration, to help you praise God more. For Confession, for God to give you strength against temptation. For Thanksgiving, to see God’s blessings clearer and be more thankful. 

Prayer Requests Lists from organizations 

Have you been meaning to pray for different ministries, or prayer requests lists from church? This could also be another prayer list to add to your prayer time. 

For example, Moms in Prayer has a monthly prayer calendar here.  Samaritan’s Purse has a prayer list for its Operation Christmas Child here. Fellowship of Christian Athletes has a list of ways to pray for athletes and coaches here

If you don’t see it on their website or in other places, ask if they have a list of prayer needs. Not every ministry will have a prayer list, but the typical ministry leader would love to have someone praying for them regularly. 

Prayer List Ideas

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So how do you keep track of your prayer list? Not one way is right for everyone! Try a few of these to see which one fits you. Be sure to see the information at the end of this article for a bonus prayer list.

Prayer Journal

Some people love writing their prayers down in a physical book. The Prayer Map for Women (Faith Maps) might be a good choice for them. (There’s also a Prayer Map for Men available.) 

But there’s no reason you can’t just start with a spiral notebook and a pen! Begin by writing down the date and what you prayed for. If you like, write out your prayer in your journal. Reviewing your prayer list can give you a chance to reflect back later and see what God has done in your life.

Prayer List Apps

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There are a number of apps available that let you record prayer requests on your prayer list and remind you to pray. Two interesting ones are Echo and Prayminder. 

Echo has free and paid memberships. The free membership will suffice for most circumstances, but if you like the features, the paid membership is currently only $39.99/year. 

Prayminder has less features, but its simplicity can be helpful to those who want reminders but might be distracted by more options. 

Prayer List Printables 

Etsy has a number of printable prayer products available for sale. For example, Candy’s Printable Art has a whole section of Christian Printables, including prayer journals.  For a free option, Amy at Leap of Faith Crafting has a prayer journal sheet and prayer calendar

If you check our Hope Filled Faith shop on Etsy, you will find a variety of prayer list bookmarks, with choices great for women, men, and kids! The variety pack is here. You can also choose the floral, bright, or minimalist version.

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Book of Prayers 

Sometimes reading and praying through books of prayers can help you pray through issues you haven’t thought of, or don’t spend so much time praying about. These aren’t so much prayer lists as lists of prayers. You might want to check out:

Bonus Prayer List

free gift from hope filled faith - 100 things to pray for - with preview of the 100 things to pray for handout worksheet pdf

If you liked Prayer List Ideas, you will want to check out 100 Things to Pray for, which has a great printable list of prayer ideas for your prayer list. This list includes:

  • 49 things to pray for from the Bible
  • What to pray for someone who doesn’t know God
  • What to pray for your family
  • What to pray for your finances
  • And more!

Visit our Free Bible Printables page to download.

A prayer list is not a magical way to get your prayers answered. Instead, it’s a tool that you can use to spend time trusting your concerns, worries, and dreams to God. Find a way of keeping a prayer list that works for you!

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