20 Prayer Board Ideas for Growing in Your Faith

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Prayer does not require any fancy equipment or special training. Prayer is simply talking with God about Him, you and the needs on your heart. There are tools available you can use to encourage your prayer life, and one that has been popular lately is the prayer board.

These prayer board ideas will help you decide if a prayer board is right for you.

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What is a prayer board?

A prayer board is usually a bulletin board with prayer requests attached to it. Some people find it helpful to see their prayer requests displayed so they can pray for them. Others like the creative part of decorating the board, and find it more likely to be engaged with their prayer list.

Some people pray through the prayer requests on a prayer board during their quiet time, hanging it up by the place they usually sit during their devotions. Others like to use it as a great reminder to pray, hanging it in the best place to see throughout the day, choosing a prayer request to pray as they pass by it.

Here are some examples of prayer board ideas from Instagram. You can find more inspiration by exploring the hashtags #prayerboard and #prayerboards.

There are a lot of ideas of what a prayer board can be. This would probably be the type that most people picture when thinking about a prayer board. It included prayer requests, praises, pictures, encouraging and inspiring prayer reminders, and lovely headings and decorations.

This is a elegant version of a prayer board, with subtle decoration. I love the variety of prayer board ideas you can find on Instagram.

The creator of this reel showcases what she used to create her board, and also includes what her friends’ boards look like. It appears that they had a prayer board diy party. What a fun idea!

You don’t have to use a traditional bulletin board! This is a wood block with some string art and a clip. Another variation of this could be hanging a clipboard, decorated or not, on a wall or leaving it on a desk.

Why have a prayer board?

Having a prayer board is great to help you remember to pray, especially if you like having a visual reminder of your priorities. It can jog your memory on prayer requests that you haven’t prayed for in a while. Seeing your prayer board each day could be another aid in helping you build a daily habit of prayer.

Most people don’t have the space for a prayer room, a war room, or an entire wall for prayer. But almost everyone has the space to hang a small prayer board.

If it doesn’t appeal to you, or you would be burdened or discouraged by keeping it current, then feel free not to do it! It may be a trend, but it’s not necessary for having a great prayer life. Only do it if it would draw you closer to God.

Where can I get a prayer board?

prayer board options - 4 examples of prayer boards, numbered 1 through 4, at Prayer Board Ideas at Hope Filled Faith

There are several great ideas for a purchased or DIY prayer board – here are just a few of them.

  1. Hobby Lobby currently has a prayer board with clips here. If that isn’t in stock, Hobby Lobby always has several decorative bulletin board options, even if they aren’t prayer themed.
  2. Etsy has a few sellers that make custom prayer boards. This one from Reflecting Grace Gifts has customization options, and uses the string and mini clothespins method of holding prayers.
  3. If you prefer writing on a chalkboard prayer board, this one from Amazon might be a good choice.
  4. One of the best options to get started is to just go to a local store to buy a basic cork bulletin board, or you may have one to repurpose from home. This one from Walmart is a decent size and a lower cost. A different approach that has a lot of flexibility, but maybe less decorative options, is using a dry erase board. This might be a good option for the person who likes to draw.

Additionally, you’ll need to figure out some sort of fastener depending on the board you are using. Some people wrap twine around the board and attach it with clips; others use pushpins or even tape. Use what works best with your board.

You can decide to display your board in a prominent place or an out-of-the-way corner. The location of your board may affect what prayer requests you feel comfortable posting.

For digital prayer board ideas, there’s another option that might appeal to someone who prefers a tablet, like an iPad, to writing in a notebook. I found this in Be A Light Design’s Etsy shop. I’ve picked it up and plan to import it into GoodNotes, which is something I discussed in the Bible Journal post here at Hope Filled Faith. Find the digital prayer board in her Etsy shop here.

What do you put on a prayer board?

What can go on a prayer board?  prayer requests and praises, heading, Bible verses, pictures, inspiration, decoration - picture of a prayer board with these components, at Prayer Board Ideas at Hope Filled Faith

There are a lot of options here. The only non-negotiable item would be prayer requests. Let’s start with them!

Prayer Requests & Praises

Prayer requests are the most important part of the prayer board, as most people use a prayer board to pray for their own requests and the needs of others. Many of the DIY prayer boards use index cards. Printable kits, like the ones linked below, usually include prayer request cards that you can print. What you write the prayer requests on can be as simple or as fancy as you want.

Answered prayers can be moved to a praise section, or taken off the board to make room for new requests.

Praises can be written on the same kind of card. If the board you are using isn’t only seen by you, it would be prudent to be discreet in how you write prayer requests that will be displayed, especially about other people.


Some people like to section off their prayer board, with sections for prayer requests, praises, people they are praying for, and other categories. This isn’t necessary, but can help a shared board, like for a family, feel more organized. I’ve included a few free printable headings at the end of this post.

Bible Verses

A favorite Bible verse is a great prayer board idea! There are a lot of free printable Bible verses, including on this website. I’ve also linked up many from several different websites on my free Christian printables Pinterest board.

You can also have a “Scripture of the Week,” challenging yourself to memorize a different verse each week. Or include Bible verses about God’s promises. Money Wise Steward has a free printable on her blog at this post.


Who are you praying for? Whether it’s family members, missionaries, or a ministry, you can include pictures on your prayer board. This is a great spot to post missionary prayer cards if you have them.


Is there a quote or picture that inspires you in your walk with God? This is a great place to include these encouraging pieces.


It can be refreshing to look at a beautiful prayer board. This isn’t the point of having a prayer board; but it can be an enjoyable part of assembling and maintaining your board.

Printable Kits for Prayer Boards

I’d like to get you started with some simple printable headings you can use to set up your prayer board. They are part of my prayer board kit, from the “Simple” version. I’ll highlight the kit below, but pop over to my Free Bible Printables page to download the headings for free.

preview for free prayer board headings from Hope filled faith - prayer board ideas

This is part of the Prayer Board Printable Kit available in my shop at Etsy. Each digital only, printable kit includes headers, prayer request or praise cards, decorations, and Bible verse and inspirational sayings.

There are 3 versions available, Sweet (my favorite), Simple, and Sophisticated. Click on the picture below to take a look.

prayer board kit preview for Etsy shop - prayer board ideas at hope filled faith

Additionally, I have two more themed prayer board printable kits for Gratitude/Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There are also other printable prayer board kits. The Prayer Board Shop has a variety of items for your prayer board in her Etsy shop.

LivbyGrace has printable prayer board sections as well as a look at her prayer board in her post here. It looks like an email signup is required for this free printable.

Want to see how I put my prayer board together? Watch this short video.

Other Prayer Board Ideas

Looking for even more prayer board ideas? Check these out.

Children’s Church or a Christian School Classroom Prayer Board. I’ve actually seen this bulletin board kit in person, and it is a fun way for elementary aged students to engage with prayer. One of the best prayer wall ideas I’ve seen, it can be interactive for the students, and a great tool to teach them about the power of prayer.

Church Prayer Board. Some churches have prayer boards, and these would physically be larger than these prayer boards for the home. One prayer board I spotted was sold by Reflecting Grace Gifts on Etsy.

Because the prayer requests on these might be publicly viewable at the church, I would suggest that at least one person be in charge of checking over the displayed prayer requests. Not every prayer request is meant to be shared publicly.

Other ideas on Pinterest. If these prayer board ideas have interested you for your prayer space or prayer corner, you may want to follow my Pinterest board for Prayer Board Ideas.

Answered Prayers. Good Book Mom talks about how she moves answered prayers from the bulletin board to a jar, then the family reviews the answered prayers at the end of the year in this Instagram post.

Whatever you decide to do to display your prayer reminders, let it encourage you in your prayer time and quiet times. Spend some time looking at it each day, and noting which prayer requests need to take priority today.

May these prayer times draw you closer to our Heavenly Father!

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